Storytelling with Purpose

The time is upon us to wave goodbye to cookie cutter office decor and stale bullet point presentations. As technology advances, the way we meet and interact is constantly transforming. Society is beginning to gain a better understanding of how to communicate for optimum retention and productivity. We as a humanity live and learn off of storytelling, just as our … Read More

Making your Business Stand Out

-Standing out among the masses- Just as in personal life, standing out as a business can be difficult. Businesses need a balance of great customer service and creating a need for what you are selling, tangible or not. What are the proper business tacts to make your business shine? CUSTOMER SERVICE IN PRACTICE Customer service is to business as “location, … Read More

A Recipe for Unconventional Success

A Balance of Success and Value Finding your value in this world can be difficult. If you are lucky enough to find your passion and make a living out of it, then you face a deeper position. How do you create a successful business model while also keeping your values and integrities in tact? Cultural norms would have that we … Read More

Blending Meeting & Experience

Blending Meeting & Experience Meetings are known to have a notion of monotony that accompanies them. It’s safe to say that the world is sick of tacky carpet conference rooms and chairs that make your teams near end numb. Despite old traditions, many companies and corporations are no longer standing for the monotony of bland corporate meeting spaces. We are … Read More

Inspiration Mapped Out

Staying creative and inspired this winter Inspiration and creativity have an easy way of lying dormant during the frigid winter months. Sometimes just putting on your parka and walking out the door can be enough of an accomplishment in the harsh reality that are midwestern winters. So this poses the question- How can we stay creative when the dream of … Read More

Creativity for All

When a brainstorming meeting hits a dead end, people tend to sigh and say they wish that they were more creative. They attribute their shortcomings to the way their brains function and think it’s something they cannot change. The answer to this problem, however, is not to fault the brain. People simply take the wrong approach to creativity. It may … Read More

Meeting Break Ideas

Do you ever hit a point on a project where you are completely stumped? Where it seems as if every path leads to a dead end? I definitely know the feeling! In times like those, I often feel much more productive when I leave the project for a moment, and then come back at it with fresh eyes. During these … Read More

February 2017 Newsletter

Seating area with AppleTV and LED TV

Think Space February 2017 Newsletter Secure your 2017 dates soon! 2016 was an amazing year of growth for us here at Think Space. The word is spreading that a passionate focus on unique space design and user-experience can yield big results for meetings and retreats. In fact, 2017 is off to a busy start with our calendars filling up fast. … Read More

Metaphors, Lessons, & Paddle Boards

Paddle Board

Six years ago, I stood up on a ten foot board of fiberglass and immediately fell into the ocean as a giant (three inches high) wave toppled me over. I was hooked. Paddle boarding quickly became one of my favorite past times even after I learned to stay upright. I have always loved the water, but when I discovered stand … Read More

Good Failure (Part 3): Making Failure Fun

We can all relate to a certain “F” word that often accompanies failure. I am certain the word “fun” was not the first word that came to your mind. As I discussed in my first post in this 3-part series on failure, we as humans are hard-wired to avoid mistakes. Our self-preservation programming is set to avoid unnecessary risk. This … Read More