Inspiration Mapped Out

Staying creative and inspired this winter

Inspiration and creativity have an easy way of lying dormant during the frigid winter months. Sometimes just putting on your parka and walking out the door can be enough of an accomplishment in the harsh reality that are midwestern winters. So this poses the question- How can we stay creative when the dream of dipping our toes in the water seems so far away?

“You are what you eat” is an unfortunate reality when it comes to motivation levels. It can be difficult to stay active and  eat properly during a season surrounded by high carb baked goods and comfort food staples. Molecular biologist and author of Brain Rules, John Medina, proves that eating habits and exercise play a large roll in brain activity. Studies suggest a minimum of 30 minutes of movement at least 5 times per week for increased brain activity. As for a healthy diet, incorporate creativity into your meal choices. Explore new cuisines and flavor combinations for a better, healthier and more inspired you.

It’s easy to arrive home, turn the thermostat up, snuggle in and turn on Netflix. But beware, studies have shown a significant lack in brain activity when watching TV. If you are looking to spark and inspire your frost bitten frontal cortex, skip the Netflix and opt for some good old fashion page turning fun. Try checking out the library nearest you for free access to any hard copies or Ebooks available. Research local authors and artist to connect with a local sense of art and inspiration.

“Mind muddled by brown slush thrown to curbs by rubber tires. I search for the whites between the corners like I search for green inside the iris. Inside a lovers eyes I am home, and like the road I stretch on infinity.
-Local Lansing author and poet Joshua Burwick.

Not a reader? Never fear, in a society dominated by media platforms there are plenty of podcasts, lectures and audio books at your disposal. If you are one of the many who start to doze off with each passing word then get inspired in a different way. Ted Talks, Podcasts, Vlogs, & audio books are all ways to feed your brain without reading. If this begins to spark your creativity you can start to create your own platforms and channels. Use your talents such as playing an instrument, cooking or your sheer brilliance for advice blogs.

The brain is a muscle and it must be exercised to reap its benefits and capabilities. So don’t forget to turn up the heat not only on your thermostat but inside you. Be your own catalyst for creativity. Be warm, live well and stay inspired!


Isabel Maier