Blending Meeting & Experience

Blending Meeting & Experience

Meetings are known to have a notion of monotony that accompanies them. It’s safe to say that the world is sick of tacky carpet conference rooms and chairs that make your teams near end numb. Despite old traditions, many companies and corporations are no longer standing for the monotony of bland corporate meeting spaces. We are in a time of meeting revolutions. At Think Space, we take pride in our forces to break out of the boring meeting mold and embrace our own identity to give clients an unforgettable and meaningful experience.

We believe that when renting a meeting space that you should be able to focus on the intentions of your meeting and nothing else. This is the reason behind an all inclusive meeting space with dietitian recommended brain snacks, drinks, post-its, white boards, projectors, slide changers and much more are included so that you can focus on what matters before, during, and after your meeting. Co-founders of Think Space, Traci and Dave, strive to deliver the best experience to clients that walk in the door. It’s not just a meeting space, it is a center for experience and innovation.

Think Space has been set up and designed in a fashion to uniquely craft the flow of your meeting. There are multiple focus areas such as The Campfire, The Watering Hole, The Un-Bored Room, and The Fun Zone. Each specially designed for your meeting experience. The Campfire serves as the gathering area, equipped with conference call capabilities and Apple TV. The Watering Hole has the snacks, drinks and space to gather intimately. The Fun Zone is where you can break away, strum the guitar and have a laugh with your team. The Un-Bored room is set away upstairs and a modern take on a conference room set-up with all the facilitation items you may need.  All the furniture is designed for flexibility around the room. Guests can create the environment that serves them best for their best meeting experience.


Isabel Maier

Creative Meetings Architect