February 2017 Newsletter

Seating area with AppleTV and LED TV
Secure your 2017 dates soon!
2016 was an amazing year of growth for us here at Think Space. The word is spreading that a passionate focus on unique space design and user-experience can yield big results for meetings and retreats. In fact, 2017 is off to a busy start with our calendars filling up fast.
Our co-founders, Dave and Traci, are already exploring ways to expand Think Space to offer more unique spaces in our historic building on Lansing’s Grand River.
If you are planning to gather your team for an off-site meeting this year, please contact us soon. We want to make sure you have the chance to energize your meetings with creativity, inspiration, and an amazing experience.
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4 Ways to Enhance Your Innovation/Creative Process
In a recent Inc.com article, The 4-Step Guide to Refining Your Innovation Process, David Schonthal describes four ways innovators can use time differently to enhance results. Schonthal is a clinical associate professor of innovation and entrepreneurship at the Kellogg School and a portfolio director at IDEO.
“People usually enter brainstorms with the wrong objectives and expectations in mind,” Schonthal says, “so it’s no surprise they are dismayed with the results.”
Meeting & Event Planners

5 Ways to Move Your Meetings Ahead in 2017

Sarah Hill, a blogger and creative content writer at Group Se7en Events, recently posted an article on MeetingsNet.com with tips for navigating meeting trends in 2017.
She advises planners on how to focus on customization, mindfulness, virtual/augmented reality, and not jumping on every new trend. Sarah’s quick tips are an interesting read as meeting planners put together large and small events for the year.