Creativity for All

When a brainstorming meeting hits a dead end, people tend to sigh and say they wish that they were more creative. They attribute their shortcomings to the way their brains function and think it’s something they cannot change. The answer to this problem, however, is not to fault the brain. People simply take the wrong approach to creativity.

It may seem counterintuitive, but a seemingly low level of creativity can actually result from a lack of critical thinking. The first step in brainstorming is identifying the problem you hope to solve. In this step it is essential to conduct research and think critically in order to fully understand the problem you hope to solve. Once you have a more logical grasp on your problem, the creative solutions will start to flow.

Creativity is a result of looking at a problem from every possible angle, which is why consulting with others can help your brainstorming process. Simply interacting with people helps you see perspectives on your problem that you may not have noticed before. Asking for another’s viewpoint or even just casually chatting about the problem could ignite any manner of creative solutions. At Think Space we allow for this by organizing our space around collaboration and “just in time” conversations. We have a myriad of areas in our space centered around teamwork, collaboration, and informal conversation, like our Campfire and Watering Hole areas with comfortable seating and a home kitchen atmosphere.

Walking away from the problem can also aid your creative process. There is an actual correlation between relaxation and creative thinking. Think Space provides a multitude of opportunities to decompress from brainstorming, like puzzles, trivia, and even musical instruments!

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Marlee Talbot

Think Space, LLC